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Chapter no. 1 - September 11, 2018

The Importance of being consistent

I am quite able to talk and talk about myself in these chapters. But – honestly – it wouldn’t help anyone! The important issue here is how you in the best of worlds can communicate, introduce and show yourself.

However, I will give you a short introduction. To give you a hint of the thoughts behind these chapters.

Okey – so to continue from this

How can you improve the image of your business just by thinking a bit different? My belief is that you can improve the image of your business – large or small – just by being consistent!

Consistency creates recognition and trust. When clients come to you they will know what to expect – and so they will return time and time again.

To be consistent

It isn’t all about logotypes, typefaces, website design, colors etc. It can be how you act on first meeting a client to the feeling they get when they take a fika with their friends in your coffee shop.

Or – if in franchise – that all the shops have the same interior decoration, design. It can be simple things, like greeting all customers in a special manner. You can see this in a lot of youtube videos. Many of the most popular bloggers and youtubers have their own special opening and closing greetings.

Now it’s all about logotypes, typefaces, website design, colors etc.

What I’ve pointed out above also goes for your real identity. Do you always use the same typeface everywhere & same colors? Do you always place your logo in the same spacious way? Do you use the same manner of writing, selection of pictures or illustrations? If you use a selection of guidelines in your communication in total you will go far in reaching your clients.

By no means does it have to be boring

As a business person you’ll want to be seen and heard of. You want people to know that you are the best in your business! Because succeeding in this means money. And money makes you happy! OK, maybe not! To be seen and acknowledged is something positive which you can do in different ways without being boring.  As an example, take a website: If every page were designed in the same manner you would very quickly get tired and bored. The important thing here is to create interest but also to set limits!

So, what is most urgent for you? Do you set rules for your communication? Or is this something you want some help to create?

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