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Chapter no. 2 - October 10, 2018

Why you should update your visual identity

In today’s fast-phased constantly changing world people are looking for ways to connect, to make them feel something, to get new experiences. It’s a time were authenticity & transparency is key. The more personal, authentic & transparent you can be, the better.

So, in order for people to connect with your company you gotta start by building something they can relate to. Some people might say “building a brand”. The way I like to think about it is that you’re building a personality. A personality people can fall in love with, experience, stay loyal to. Doing that requires you to know who you want your company to be. Do you want to portray as a fearless lover, a humble sweet person, or the more straight to the point kinda person? The possibilities are endless, and the cherry on top is that it is much easier than decide & change your own personality.

But it is not like if you build a personality you suddenly have a brand & people will instantly start to connect emotionally with your company. The emotional connection is something your customers are creating. You see, a brand is not what you say you are, its what others say you are. But by establishing a personality and sticking to it in everything increases your chances to be perceived the way you want, and that’s the best you can hope for.

This is where the visual identity plays a big part. In order to be perceived as that humble sweet person your company is you need it to feel like that humble sweet person in every interaction. By using the right colors, form & typeface you evoke certain emotions from people which in return leaves your customers with certain emotions when seeing your logo, reading your menu or browsing through your website. And if you stay consistent & sticking to it you’ll create trust & generate loyalty among your customers.

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